30th Jul
Men and Masculinity. Roman Eagle Lightening detail

Overview ➤ Greek and Roman Political Ideas

I aim to enhance the study of Greek and Roman political ideas and reveal their impact on modernity.

30th Jul
Olympian Male Gymnasts 2016 detail

Overview ➤ Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

I aim to deepen the study of political ideas and ideologies in dialogue with Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

30th Jul
Men and Masculinity | Prospero and Caliban detail

Overview ➤ Modern Political Ideas and Ideologies

I aim to advance the study of modern political ideologies by revealing their complex encounters with the classics.

30th Jul
NYC Wedding March detail

Overview ➤ Queer Politics and Theory

I am to enrich the study of queer politics and theory through a dual focus on the classics and global modernity.

30th Jul
Eldridge Cleaver Soul on Ice

Article ➤ Plato in Folsom Prison

I'm honored to announce I've been published in Political Theory, the leading journal in the field.

30th Jul
Raphael Athens Xenophon detail

Article ➤ Xenophon contra Plato

I'm honored to announce I've been published in Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought.

30th Jul
Alcibiades and Socrates Detail

Manuscript ➤ Alcibiades Undone

Does classical political thought emerge in tandem with queer theory? A synopsis of my first book project.

24th Jul
Phallus Pompeii

Course ➤ Sex and Politics

'War is politics by other means,' German military theorist Carl von Clausewitz famously declared. Is politics sex by other means?

24th Jul
Biopower Male Model Torso

Course ➤ The Birth of Biopolitics

Biopolitics is a vitally important concept. Witness the rise of biometric security mechanisms, cyborg war-fighting technologies, and genetic modification.

22nd Jul
Indigenous Aboriginal Australia Political

Course ➤ Indigenous Politics in Theory

In this course we investigate contemporary encounters between political theory and indigenous politics.

22nd Jul
Boy Machine

Course ➤ Global Queer Politics and Theory

In this course we explore, in a global context, the politics and theories of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and indigenous two-spirit persons.

21st Jul
Plato's Cave Detail

Course ➤ Intro to Political Theory

Is politics war by other means? Is it merely a practical way to meet our needs? Or is it the activity through which citizens pursue the good life?

21st Jul
Spartan Helmut Blood

Course ➤ Sparta in Western Politics

Sparta takes captive the imaginations of Western political thinkers and actors even before, but certainly in, the classical Greece of Plato.

21st Jul
Roman Eagle Lightening

Course ➤ Roman Political Thought

This course considers landmark Roman political ideas and institutions and their impact on later Western politics.

21st Jul
Raphael School of Athens

Course ➤ Classical Political Thought

In this course we reflect deeply on seminal works in what will become known as the Western political tradition.

22nd Aug
Indigenous Politics in Theory. Marshall Sahlins. Islands of History.

Book ➤ Islands of History

The great Marshall Sahlins published Islands of History, a book collecting his essays and addresses focused on the Pacific, in 1985.

15th Aug

Idea ➤ The Spornosexual

The spornosexual cultivates a body imitating sportsmen and pornstars. Why has he emerged?

14th Aug
Hawaii map

Hawai’i 2016

This journey marks my first visit to the islands of Hawai'i and my third to the islands of the Pacific.

10th Aug
The Politics of the Phallus. Gladiator, dir. Ridley Scott. Russell Crowe.

Idea ➤ Roman Virility

The Roman concept of virility stands distinct from humanity and is grounded on the male sex.

08th Aug
Easthope What a Man's Gotta Do The Masculine Myth in Popular Culture

Idea ➤ The Masculine Myth

According to Anthony Easthope, the masculine myth functions through concealment and even deception.

01st Aug
Men and Masculinity Studies. Bodybuilder and fitness model Attila Toth in USA tanktop

Idea ➤ The White Man’s Muscles

What do muscles say about the the white male Westerner? On the fusion of body culture and politics.

01st Aug
Augustus Caesar Gérôme detail

Emperor ➤ Augustus Caesar

The rise of Augustus Caesar transformed Rome and, thereby, the course of the Western world.

28th Jul
Phallus Penis Greece Athens Men Masculinity Manliness Manhood Male

The Reign of the Phallus

Many think of Athens as the birthplace of Western democracy, but was it actually a phallocracy?