Must-Read Books on Roman Masculinity

On September 10, 2016 by Josh Vandiver

Roman Masculinity


On Duties

Written for his son, Cicero theorizes virtues he considers crucial for his son in light of his likely future as a statesman and landed aristocrat.

Lives of the Greeks and Romans

Plutarch’s masterful biographies of Greek and Roman political leaders—all men, unsurprisingly, given the denigration and subjugation of women in ancient politics—are in many cases the only and/or best sources we have for many of them.

Roman Honor: The Fire in the Bones (2001)

Carlin A. Barton’s highly readable exploration of Roman concepts of honor.

Roman Manliness: ‘Virtus’ and the Roman Republic (2006)

Miles McDonnell’s more specialized academic study of virtus, a concept combining both courage and manliness, like the Greek concept of andreia.