Welcome to the History of Masculinity Project, a long-term research initiative advancing the study of men and masculinity from a strictly historical perspective.


Please do not read or view this website if frank discussion and explicit images involving masculinity and the male body are likely to trigger, offend, or otherwise discomfit you.

The Masculine Gaze

For over two millennia, Western man did not have a sex. Conceived as an ideal political and rational being, he subjected others to inspection via the masculine gaze.

Reversing the Gaze

The History of Masculinity Project reverses the gaze, looking at men as men, not abstract political ideals—men embodying concrete forms of sex, gender, sexuality.

31st Jan

Socrates’ Davos Man

Xenophon is the most influential classical Greek you've never heard of.

19th Jan

Plato’s Alter Ego

I'm in love with two men (speaking as a scholar, of course).

05th Dec

Revolutionary Cinema: Sweetback and the Panthers

What are the possibilities of revolutionary cinema today?

25th Sep
About Dr. Josh

About Dr. Josh

  Josh Vandiver, PhD, is an American political scientist and historian, a graduate...

28th Aug

Writing Art / Political Theory

Would you want to read a piece of art criticism if you were denied a chance to see the art in question?

19th Aug
Trayvon Martin

Cruising Trayvon’s Killer

What interest did Trayvon's killer have in the body of a young black man?

21st Mar

America’s Post-Imperial Melancholia

Discontent with multiculturalism is linked to imperial pasts – and presents. How will we respond to America's post-imperial crises?

07th Mar
Occupy Movement Josh Vandiver

Rethinking the Occupy Movement

Wonder what happened to Occupy? Some think the involvement of professors hurt the movement. I disagree.

01st Mar
Gay LGBT DOMA Marriage Equality

An Historic Week for Equality – What’s Next?

A groundbreaking week, yes – but let's keep our eyes on the prize: full equality, for everyone, everywhere.

28th Feb

Henri: ‘Binational Couples Need To Stand Up’

'Our marriages make us strong, and we have rights. We need to claim those rights.' – Henri Velandia

22nd Feb

Exiled For Love? – Gay Americans In Exile Speak Out

Married couples have been forced into exile if they want to stay together. It's time to bring our families home.

15th Feb

Do Gays In Pop Culture Advance Equality?

"How do the excluded engage the apparently dominant order?" – Richard Iton

14th Feb

Lament: Despair, Suicide – Or Second Sight?

Lament is not despair. The world can be seen anew, refracted and sharpened, through tears.

12th Feb

We’ve Got Obama, Now We Need Congress

How can we get Congress to support Obama on marriage equality and immigration reform?

10th Feb

We Need Immigration Reform, And Also Equality

Immigration reform isn’t just about policy change—it’s about our families.