Welcome to the History of Masculinity Project, a long-term research initiative advancing the study of men and masculinity from a strictly historical perspective.


Please do not read or view this website if frank discussion and explicit images involving masculinity and the male body are likely to trigger, offend, or otherwise discomfit you.

The Masculine Gaze

For over two millennia, Western man did not have a sex. Conceived as an ideal political and rational being, he subjected others to inspection via the masculine gaze.

Reversing the Gaze

The History of Masculinity Project reverses the gaze, looking at men as men, not abstract political ideals—men embodying concrete forms of sex, gender, sexuality.

03rd Feb

Downton Abbey and Conservative Ideology

Is our fascination with aristocrats and their stately homes, as in 'Downton Abbey', a marker of conservative ideology?

31st Jan

The Disenchantment of the World

The monks of Thailand are dying. What is happening?

26th Jan

Colonialism and Modernity

The traditional canon of ‘Western’ political thought must be fundamentally unsettled.