30th Oct
Masculinity and Politics

Course ➤ Masculinity and Politics

What is masculinity? How does it relate to men and the male body? Why are debates about masculinity in our culture so fiercely partisan and hyper-political?

16th Oct

The Cuckservative, I

Shaming and debasing mainstream conservatives delights the alt-right. Cuckservative is their favored term of abuse for an Establishment conservative.

25th Sep
Men Masculinity Manly Manliness Manhood War Terror Gender Military USA

Bone Up ➤ Sovereign Masculinity

Gender is very serious, often a matter of life and death. Masculinity emerges as one of the most powerful forces shaping the contemporary war on terror.

08th Sep

Bone Up ➤ The Masculine Myth

According to Anthony Easthope, the masculine myth functions through concealment and even deception.

01st Sep

You May Be A Spornosexual

The spornosexual cultivates a body imitating sportsmen and pornstars. Are you spornosexual and not even know it?

01st Aug

White Man’s Muscles

What do muscles say about the the white male Westerner? On the fusion of body culture and politics.

30th Jul

Got Masculinity?

‘Men and masculinity are in crisis.’ Oft heard since the 1960s, such alarmism is rising again in light of deepening political and economic instability in the US.

30th Jul

Plato in Folsom Prison

I'm honored to announce I've been published in Political Theory, the leading journal in the field, on masculinity and the Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver.

27th Jun
Men Masculinity Manhood Manliness Queer Gay Nomad Deleuze

Idea ➤ Man as Nomad

Central to nomad theory is the concept of becoming: change and flux, transformation and innovation.

27th Jun
Men Masculinities Manliness Manhood Male Queer Gay

Book ➤ Masculinities in Theory

There's a new academic discipline in town: Men and Masculinities

24th Jun

Idea ➤ Radical Masculinity

Radical masculinity can generate revolutionary political action. Therein lies its promise and its danger.

18th May

Idea ➤ Phallus vs. Penis

How are we to understand the Phallus?

05th Dec

Revolutionary Cinema: Sweetback and the Panthers

What are the possibilities of revolutionary cinema today?

19th Aug
Trayvon Martin

Cruising Trayvon’s Killer

What interest did Trayvon's killer have in the body of a young black man?

21st Mar

America’s Post-Imperial Melancholia

Discontent with multiculturalism is linked to imperial pasts – and presents. How will we respond to America's post-imperial crises?